"A rousing Speech...” - Recruiting focused messaging"

“A rousing Speech…” – Recruiting focused messaging We start every engagement by working along side your thought leaders to craft your company’s story in a way that gets candidates excited about working with you.

Building a recruiting strategy solely around compensation and benefits will put you in the same race as everyone else for top talent. Building a compelling company story gives you an edge. Attract new colleagues through who you are; not what you pay. We are experts at crafting these messages.

Project based Staffing

You wouldn’t think about starting a new business, writing a line of code or launching a new product without a plan. Why should staffing be any different?

Without a Project plan in-place that defines position, time-to-fill and cost you will continue to be plagued by open ended searches that produce costly, mediocre results.

At myStaffingTEAM, we do things differently.
Every search is considered a Project with defined goals, defined cost and defined time-line; all guaranteed by SLAs. Each search project is run by a Project Manager, just like every other mission-critical project in YOUR business.

Focused messaging and project based staffing, together we can fill any position in a month; guaranteed.
“Talent to Business Matchmaking by Design…”


Project Based Recruiting

We view the core of our solutions as finding that just right person to fill a client’s open position, Matchmaking.

Position Based Engagement

It all starts with that first position. The basic building block upon which a successful engagement is based; the Project Based Position Engagement.

Start-ups and Turnarounds

We have years of experience with Start-ups and Turnarounds; some our own and many for clients.

Government Contractors

We have in-depth knowledge of the Government RFP cycle and can build an entire Staffing Plan that is efficient and economical and will catapult your firm into a wining position on both initial contracts and re-competes.

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