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Whatever you call it; recruiting, ‘talent acquisition’, headhunting, staffing, it all boils down to finding the intersection of a company’s needs and a talented person’s career path. We call that - Matchmaking. After all, a company isn’t ‘buying’ the talent, they are wooing them to come and perform.


Finding that perfect candidate to help a company meet current and future goals isn’t an acquisition, it’s a voluntary association among peers. Companies that recognize this stand among those consistently voted the most successful and ‘best places to work’. We continually strive to find the intersection between personal goals and company needs.

Culture - Stunning Colleagues

We promote goal based personal responsibility. We are not a family but, rather, a mutually supportive team. We understand that our mission of helping successful companies attract exemplary talent is worthwhile. We have found that surrounding ourselves with like-minded peers is the surest path to success. We embrace honesty, self confidence and simplicity; we embrace Stunning Colleagues.