Meet the team

While we all have several jobs, in the end, we’re all Matchmakers.
At any point in time you might see any of all of our team working on your positions…

Candice S Paul


“Recruiting is the only sales job where your product can refuse to be sold” Candice has been described as “the best executive recruiter in America” by former Fortune 1000 CEO Estela McClean. Starting as a fledgling headhunter, before the age of the Internet and Job Boards, she developed her own take on the competency-based recruiting model and has refined it through decades of agency, internal and contract experience. She is acknowledged as anexpert in Recruiting Focused Messaging.

Jim Schillreff

Business Development|Operations

“Failure to plan is planning to fail”
Jim is a serial entrepreneur who has lead companies is diverse areas. From Internet startups to International Construction companies, Jim has performedas CEO, CTO, CMO and Project Manager. As a marketing guru, Jim leads our Recruiting Focused Messaging efforts