Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What’s a headhunter?

Sometimes called an ‘Executive Recruiter’, headhunters are gifted in the area of defining the performance objectives of a position and then wooing exemplary candidates to consider a career change.

What kind of metrics do you report?

Unlike traditional recruiting firms, we don’t deluge our clients with ‘feel good’ reports that really do nothing more than justify working hard. Our client facing metrics are simple and to the point; where are we in the process? Have we fallen behind? If so, what is being done to correct the issue. All our clients have access to our cloud-based Project Management system and can review their projects as often as they desire. 

Do you cost more?

No. In fact, we cost much less in both direct recruiting costs to your company and in a reduced cost-of-not-hiring (the lost revenue resulting from having an acknowledged people need go unfilled for weeks or months). Our fees are fixed and reflect the challenge of filling a position. Our fees are lower than traditional recruiting solutions (yes, including in-house recruiters!) because we are more efficient.

What do you mean ‘Project Based’?

Too often we see recruiting engagements wander off without any direction. The search began with no concrete position description agreed upon and the hiring team ‘develops’ what they are really looking for in a a person to fill a position by interviewing an abundance of candidates. We treat every position as a separate Project with defined cost, position profile and time line agreed to by the client before we search for a single candidate. Each position is overseen by a Project Manager who directs the efforts of the client and has full authority to bring all needed MST assets to bear on an engagement to keep us on track and on time.

How long does it take?

Our typical position project takes one month; period. Each project is overseen by a Project Manager who can either bring in more MST resources or alert the client if the critical path is delayed. Our performance is guaranteed by SLAs ‘with teeth’.

Do you only fill technical positions?

Unlike traditional recruiting firms, we don’t specialize in any industry sector. We find great people to fill your open positions. You’re the experts in your field, we’re the experts in recruiting. Working together, we build competency based position profiles against which our 100% USA based teams find the just-right candidate for your review.