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Project Based Recruiting

We view the core of our solutions as finding that just right person to fill a client’s open position, Matchmaking.  Whether we are filling one position, staffing a department or developing a comprehensive staffing plan for a government contractor, we control every engagement the same way you treat mission critical process; we develop and adhere to a specific plan.  You will know the position competency requirements, cost and time frame of the project, up-front, before a single candidate is presented.

Position Based Engagement

It all starts with that first position.  The basic building block upon which a successful engagement is based; the Project Based Position Engagement.  One position or 100, we approach every search as a discrete project within a larger Project.

Start-ups and Turnarounds

We have years of experience with Start-ups and Turnarounds; some our own and many for clients.  We can build an entire funding-wining staffing plan for any Start-up in record time.  With Turnarounds we will not only assess and show you the ‘best’ places to cut but also put together a plan that will transition your company to a stronger, more competitive business.

Government Contractors

We have in-depth knowledge of the Government RFP cycle and can build an entire Staffing Plan that is efficient and economical and will catapult your firm into a wining position on both initial contracts and re-competes.  Our Smart Staff engagement plan is ideal for any contractor who wants to contain the outrageous initial staffing costs they incur now.  Put YOUR profit back into Government Contracting.
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Government Contractors
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